To clarify the myths that naturally surround digital services and understand how to acquire an ideal insurance policy, follow this post!

How to buy insurance online?

Most brokers allow you to buy insurance online. Contact is made through the website itself and, by correctly filling out a detailed questionnaire, the client provides the information for the brokerage firm to proceed with the quotations .

It is worth emphasizing the importance of not omitting information, under the risk of contracting a useless service or losing out in the absence of any coverage.

The imprecision of the information makes the customer buy a product that does not suit their needs, leading them to pay more for poorly dimensioned coverage or to get frustrated when they need to use the insurance due to a breakdown or accident.

Thus, after the correct filling, the insurance prices will be calculated online in a comparative way or the broker will send by e-mail a proposal with the insurance companies that meet your needs and their respective values.

By knowing all the conditions, the customer will be able to choose the one that offers the best cost-benefit.

Upon agreement, the customer chooses the best payment method (automatic debit, credit card or bank slip), signs the contract and forwards it to the broker. In a few days you will receive the policy by email and also to the respective address.

This entire transaction is carried out in a few minutes — discounting the time spent carefully reading the policy conditions , so that the conditions of coverage, deductibles and shortages are properly clear.

What are the main advantages?

Among the advantages of purchasing insurance online, we highlight the benefits for those who have a busy life and need to resolve important issues, quickly and practically, but without sacrificing the quality of the contracted service. Understand:


Access to the insurance broker’s website can be made at the most convenient time for the customer, without being restricted to business hours.

In it, it is possible to compare the pros and cons of different plans offered by different insurance companies and choose the one with the best cost-benefit.


There is no need to travel to the company’s office or wait for the broker to call. To purchase insurance online, simply fill in the form referring to the coverage of interest and choose from the service options indicated by the system. The best brokers offer support through many service channels, chat and exclusive content, useful to define the best choice.


The contracting of services over the internet has software that guarantees the confidentiality of customer data.

In addition, payment by credit card has all the necessary security. However, in digital times, having a good antivirus installed on your computer and ensuring your own digital security is also an essential measure.

What to consider before hiring?

Before choosing a broker, compare the variety and quality of insurers the company works with.

The more coverage and support services available in the portfolio, the more suitable the product choice will be. Also rate:

Reliability of insurers

Consult the website of the Superintendence of Private Insurance (SUSEP) to verify if the companies are legal.

Good insurance brokers only offer products from reputable insurance companies in providing services to their customers.

Either way, it’s important to research the histories of consumer rights websites, to assess how companies usually handle problems and support customers.

Whenever possible, choose leading companies or companies linked to market leaders, which have extensive experience and a vast customer base.

reliable indications

Talk to relatives, friends and trusted people who have already taken out insurance online. Check the morale of the brokers chosen by them on their social networks, through the comments and ratings made by customers.

Sites that feature customer testimonials about the quality of insurance and assistance services are also a good source of research.

Simple and functional platform

Choose a broker that has a simple, light and efficient navigation platform, in which the products are divided between those for individuals and those for companies.

A responsive website is also important as it makes it easy to access anytime and anywhere, allowing the user to have the same smartphone browsing experience.

Broad and easy support

The variety of communication channels (with chat, email, telephone, messaging applications, etc.) is also important, if the customer wants to clarify any doubts directly with an expert.

After all, a broker can sell its plans online without giving up traditional services.

At the same time, contacting a team of professionals that offers support and guidance for the client to make the most of the benefits of the insurance contracted makes all the difference.

This is because, often, the lack of support and clear information prevents customers from enjoying the benefits to which they are entitled.