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What are the 7 best health insurances for expats and immigrants in Canada?



It’s time to see the best international health insurance for immigrants and expats in Canada and what are the positive and negative sides of each in my view. They are:


    1. Cigna

The first place on our list goes to Cigna, this is an American company that maintains a strong presence in several European countries. Certainly, one of the best options for those looking for international coverage.

With a history of more than 60 years in the market, Cigna serves more than 170 million citizens spread across the planet. Nikki was once one of those customers when she needed to purchase insurance to obtain her Swedish resident card.

This company offers an impressive range of plans and serves expats and immigrants exceptionally well, including those intending to reside in Canada.

In these cases, you can choose between individual or family plans. One of Cigna’s great advantages is its flexible plans with the ability to adapt and additional benefits according to your profile.

When making a quote, you will be able to choose between Silver, Platinum, and Gold plans. These plans have coverage in over 200 territories and countries, excluding the US. There is also the Close Care plan, which ends up being more affordable because it only has coverage in your country of origin and in the country where you intend to reside.


    2. IMG

IMG is another large company that offers international health insurance. Currently, it has 3 subsidiaries around the world and has been in the market for over 25 years.

An interesting point is that the IMG website offers support and customer service every day and in more than 17 languages.

Regarding plans, IMG offers several options, both in individual plans and family plans. In addition, they also have plans set up with specific objectives, such as for immigrants and expatriates.

These are options that aim for a long duration, of at least 1 year, and that can be renewed. However, there are also short-term plans, if that’s what you’re after.

The IMG website is very intuitive and simple to use, you can use filters according to the dates and duration you are looking for, your personal information, and your destination information. That way, you can get a very detailed price estimate on what plans and coverages are available to you.


    3. Aetna

For more than 50 years of serving the world’s travelers, Aetna has won the “Best International Private Health Insurance Provider” award and is one of the global leaders in healthcare solutions.

So if you are planning to move to a new country and are looking for a reliable option, Aetna is a great option.

All plans from this company are flexible, which is good news as they don’t have a wide variety available. It is possible to add complementary services, such as dental treatments. Despite this, the plans offered are of excellent quality and have coverage of up to 5 million dollars.

Remember that all plans also serve families, and in all available options, medical evacuation and repatriation expenses are included in the coverage.

For ex-pats and immigrants, the most convenient plan is Aetna Pioneer, which has a minimum coverage of $1,750 million. If you’re interested, you can fill out a form to get an exact quote and detailed information about other plans available.



    4. GeoBlue

Geoblue is a reference company when it comes to health insurance. She has been serving clients for over 20 years with quality digital healthcare services.

Going into detail, GeoBlue has several plans for them to suit their clients’ different goals, such as immigration. If this is your case, the Xplorer Essential plan is the most recommended, it is a long-term plan and has limited coverage.

If you prefer short-term plans, find out more about GeoBlue’s Voyager.

If you would like more information about GeoBlue’s plans and pricing, you must complete a form or contact one of the company’s brokers.



    5. SafetyWing

One of the most popular options for travelers and digital nomads is SafetyWing. This is because this company offers a wide range of international health insurance options for remote workers, companies and immigrants.

One of SafetyWing’s great differentials is its identity, the website is super complete and intuitive where you can get all the necessary information in an uncomplicated way.

Another advantage is that this option has cheaper insurance and the possibility of covering up to 2 children up to 10 years old completely free of charge in your plan.

The values ​​vary according to your age, in the most affordable option, the maximum coverage is 250 thousand dollars without the possibility of care for pre-existing diseases. However, it is possible to hire an additional that includes this type of coverage.

Plus, for every 90 days of plan purchased in Canada, you get 30 days of coverage in your home country for free.



    6. Global Underwriters

Global Underwriters offers its quality services to different profiles of travelers who need international health insurance, covering the needs of students, digital nomads, and expatriates who venture to different countries.

The most suitable plans for immigrants and expats in Canada are Diplomat Long Term and Diplomat International.


    7.  Foyer Global Health

Foyer Global Health is part of the giant European corporation Foyer Group and is a specialist in international health insurance for travelers, students, digital nomads, and expatriates.

Being an extremely reliable company, Foyer Global Health is one of the options listed with the widest variety of plans available on the market, ideal to fit different customer profiles.


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